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Silent hill Fan SOUNDTRACK!

2013-06-09 17:01:40 by thedrunked

I started working on a SH Fan soundtrack.. Every track is being composed in relation to the work of Akira Yamaoka.
The first tracks that are going to be uploaded are the ambiance tracks.. Then the piano ones, and at the end, The more orchestral ones.. I hope you guys like it!

Silent hill Fan SOUNDTRACK!


2012-06-08 23:38:25 by thedrunked


Happy birthday to me!!!

2010-11-17 18:56:22 by thedrunked

Maybe its a little late But What the hell.
This monday was my birthday and i just Keep getting some Hugs from my friends.
So thts why pedo bear wants to hug me.
i just want you all to remember something...

So........Whats up?

2010-09-12 05:52:46 by thedrunked

So You are seeing this post
That means you dont have anything else to do So i will give you some news
-aiva splitted
-My band The Trip won the 3rd place in a Band battle
-shy guy master keeps working on other projects
-im excited about DF3d coming this 20th
-im on youtube
-I like manhunt (the rockstar game)
-i have a new dog
-you keep reading this
-you dont have a life
-just kidding ?feature=mhum
my channel.
and i guess thts all ....for now


2009-04-07 06:14:03 by thedrunked

i maybe say so much about AIVA and now is over!!!
yeah we have the scrips,scenes,microphones and sounds but now everything is gone!!!!
a member of the team dosent want to stay trying so he split up
and now we are thinkin on other projects of flash movies.
drunked out


now we have the shield,the draws,the sprites,the program,the dialogue but we dont have the SOUNDS!!!!!!!!

shield and draws ready(almost)

the great production

2008-11-09 01:34:06 by thedrunked

we have a team for our ideas AIVA we are planing some videos that we gona call NINTEGAMI(or something like thatXD XD XD)
and a shy guy series(yea)XDXDXD

the great production